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The What:

    You may be here for another 5 seconds, 5 years or the next 50 years. You need to figure out what you want to experience and accomplish in the time that you have.  The objective of this site?  Raise your level of awareness and increase the quality of your life and the life of those around you.

The How:

    Since we are in the business of making life less of a struggle, we present concepts, and theories and examine principles.  We will continue to refine and add to all of these as time goes on.

Life / Events:

Life and events are in a constant flux -- this is good and bad -- in that both opportunity and misfortune are equally possible.  How you ' grab onto and use the opportunities and reduce the chance of misfortune '  -- is the question.

    * There are no absolute guarantees - except one -- you are only going to be here for a certain amount of time.
    * Most of life is what you make it non withstanding events not under your control.
    * There is always factor X which is unknown.
    * You cannot control life, but you do have a certain amount of control over yourself and your situation.
    * The smarter you are, the easier life will be.


" Now that you are here - what do you do? "


Simply put : Seek to make YOUR life, the lives of your family, the lives of your friends and colleagues, the lives of those in your community, your city, your state, and your country...better.
     * Don't Waste Time and Don't Waste other people's time.
     * Stay Healthy and learn to Be Highly Productive
     * Seek to Improve your situation and the situation of those around you and raise the standard of living.
     * Take Care of Problems as they arise -- don't let them go -- Take care of loose ends
     * Work Smart,  don't ever leave anything of importance, to chance

Here are some of the answers: ( feel free to block and copy )

   Influence your inner circle
   Seek Intelligence
   Seek to be Resourceful
   Use your Vision
   Learn to develop Courage
   Accept and welcome Feedback
   Be able to Analyze - and Adjust
   Don't be afraid to project and anticipate
   Develope Persistence for those things that are worthwhile
   Learn the elements of Communication
   Stay Healthy
   Be Productive
   Co operate
   Seek Health, Wealth Wisdom and Joy
   Work to cover your bases first
   Have a Sense of Adventure and a Sense of Humor
   Appreciate and pursue your own personal Creativity
   Have some Fun
   Be Productive
   Know what it is to be Profitable
   Have something to sell - Have the ability to produce a product or service
   Have something to trade - and develop  a trader's mentality
   Learn to use the ' System '
   Learn to communicate effectively
   Learn to list and complete the things you need to do -- break them down to small tasks
   Learn to use the past, the present and the future
   Learn to use the principle of trading
   Learn to negotiate
   Read books that teach and encourage you
   Have friends that listen, teach and encourage you
   Learn from others
   Learn from your friends
   Have a rancher's attitude toward your home
   Learn to live effeciently
   Learn to recognize opportunity
   Be aware
   Every day in every way, practice good judgement
   Understand business and run a small one of your own
   If working for your self, or someone else, not only work for money, but work for results
   Work to complete your tasks with quality and... work to improve the situation with ideas
   Look for and recognize opportunity...
   Figure out what your personal assets are and develop them

   Continue to learn, to listen, to understand and to refine all of the above...

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Put a Strategy together and constantly refine it...

   Using the above, set your goals, and develop a dynamic and flexible strategy.  This will give you a direction and a sense of freedom and adventure.  Make sure you  continue to learn and adjust and improve your strategy as you go along based on the feedback from your situation. 

    Also, realize, that when a goal is not worth reaching, drop it.   Put your energy into  those objectives that are worthwhile.

    Here is a simple strategy:    


            It stands for Health, Intelligence, Courage and Worthwhile Objectives.   With health, intelligence and
            courage and action, we accomplish our objectives.  Simple yes?  But a good place to start.

The Work Smart Play Hard Philosophy:

" Work for a Dream and Be Prepared for the Worst
     One keeps your head in the Clouds and the other keeps your feet on Earth..."

That's it for the Intro. We stop here.
Visit all the links on the site and come back as we are always working on each chapter.

Thank you for your time!

         " I will always give you encouragement, guidance and support... everything else is negotiable..."

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Now That I'm Here, What Do I Do?
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" Taking a good hard look at life makes it easier to deal with.... "
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