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It's All About M.E --
It's all about H.E.--
It's all about You
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Welcome to Earth...

Maximum Effeciency / Straight Talk...

Objective = wealth is experiencing time in the most qualitative manner possible.  What does that mean? Ultimately, it means spending your time exactly in the manner in which you want to spend it, rather than, the way that you have to spend it.

1. It's an Evolutionary thing...

2. What's the most valuable thing on earth?
-- Time! Your Time and the Time of others !  So Don't Waste it... Yours or theirs !!!

3. What's our objective?
-- Time!

2. You may not make a lot of money, but on the other hand...
-- If the operation is highly efficient -- you just might!

3. It's not about Greed...
-- Its about providing services and goods

4. It needs to work.
-- The distribution system needs to work

5. Why are we here?
-- Who knows?

6. Now that I'm here - what do I do?
-- Does it matter as long as you are productive?

7. The nonexistent grand scheme of things

8. Incorporate / Eliminate

9. If you have to ask for permission -- you're lost
-- Now that you know what to do - do it!

10. If you don't know by now - let me tell ya'
-- How to spend your time

11. Have some fun! Lighten Up!

12. It' All About You!
-- It starts with you.
-- Start where you are and expand outward

13. Forget Saturday Sunday and all those days off.
-- Focus on the goal
-- Don't see it in terms of 8 hours worked
-- See it in terms of results

14. If yer gonna do something with your time, do it now!.
-- It may as well be useful

       -- Tools, TIME, Energy, Knowledge, Raw Materials ( What the heck is this ??? --> go to info formulas...)

16. Your Daily Bread
-- So -- you commute?
-- Honey Do List --
-- Do it during the week
-- The couch potato syndrome and how to beat it -
-- Don't eat supper -- take care of business first and then eat supper

17. Work Smart Play Hard
-- Be efficient -- maximally effecient...
-- Have more time to play

18. The Goal:
       -- Make your life more efficient
       -- Make the world a better and safer place to live.
       -- Maintain and improve  your standard of living and of those around your.  ( Remeber the inner circle ? )

19.  What is your financial focal point?

20.  What is your point of maximum efficiencey?

21.  Interdependence vs Independence vs  dependency?

22.  Break Even

23. Take Notes

24.  Creativity - how far up does your elevator go?

25.  ie wood and fuel and food

26. make your own wine

27.  Top Ten Foods

28.  You and your neighbor

29.  The cart before the horse

30.  Protect Yourself / worksmart

31.  Now that I am here, what do I do?

32.  What is your point of maximum effeciency?
focal points
ac - compromise
sefl indulgence
needs, wants, desires
profit / debt

33.  Quality vs Quantity

34.  What you can do you do

35.  Back to Earth


37.  Do & Fix Everything

38.  KIP = Leverrage

39.  Can you make fire?

40.  You've been fooled
cart before the horse

41.  I'm gonna put you in a box

42.. Freedom

43.  Currency -- your mind

44.  Your home - pump water by hand

45.  Your movie -- let's critique it
Your ending ?

46.  everyone does everything for everybody else

47.  money is one piece, what are all the rest ? TEKRAM

48.  Blacksmith

49.  Environmental Conersion

50.  Rancher's mentality

51.  The future is YOUR Furture (Imagine)

52.  Point of M.E. and beyond...
what's next

53.  Get ahead of the curve

54.  Independence is your goal
-- declare your independence
--  learn to use your own judgement
-- practice good judgement

55.  How does it effect you?
-- connect the dots

56.  What are you waiting for?

57.  Don't stop 'till you get there

58.  How fast can you get there?

59.  I'm There

60.  Manage you life --first and foremost

61  A quick lesson in Home Economics
-- start at home
-- if you can't bring it home, don't buy it

62.  X + effectively

63. Finance your independence
-- invest / TEKRAM

64.  CFP

65.  Self provisioning

66. Safe investments -- you and your home

67.  Stocks -- those that have a competitive advantage

68.  Your home should support you

69.  Down to Zero

70.  Make plans

71.  Plan ahead - buy ahead -- plan you buying

72.  life, awareness, knowledge, visualization, intelligence, conceptualization, planning, strategy, leverage, direction, momentum, action, craftmanship, creative adjustment, persistance 

73.  Use the system -- what is the system?

74.  Look for opportunity

75.  Any strategy is better than no strategy

76.  Results

77.  Yes - you can

78.  How much can one man do

79.  The mind of man is unlimited

80.  Trader Mentality

81.  Take care of your business

82.   Two of everything -- one of each -- how much is enough?

83.   maintenance -- save -- invest

84.  your mental workshop

85.  your creative studio

86.  your physical worksop

87.  WAH - Ranchero

88.  How long can you last without money?

89.  Pay ahead by 2x

90.  Play your cards right -- what are your cards ?

91.  Ask questions -- check things out

92.  Self Sustaining

93.  Sefl Sufficient

94.  Weakest Link -- strengthen your links

95.  ops - center -- your mind

96.  ops - center - your home

97.  Intiative, power of...

98.  Tools of the trade

99.  Tools of your trade

100.  Who is running your show?

101.  Develope your potential

102.  Be productive

103.  Get ahead of the curve

104.  Fix -- everything -- and then work your way out in concentric circles

105.  Sacrifice - a word you need to hear

106.  Craftsmanship = true wealth

107.  Where you want to be
-- getting there
-- staying there

108.  FAR OUT !

109. Monday maintenance

110.  Do you know your numbers?

111.  Focal Points

112.  M.E. at work, at play, at rest

113.  Organization --

114. Organization of knowledge

115.  Building
your life
your home
your future

116. Your weekly statement

117. Focus on what matters

118. The Hive -- the tribal mentality

119.  What do you need -- at minimum?