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Make Life an Adventure

The end is important, but it is the journey that provides  the ups and downs, the frustrations, the sucesses, the failures.  
To do only what you have to do is existing...
To do what you don't have to do, along with what you have to do, is living....

Develop a Successful Strategy.

Often times, we know what we want, we just don't know how to start or finish.

It helps to be able to think in terms of pure resources, and pure trade ( as opposed to just money...)

Creativity is a delicate and sensitive golden thread... To become strong though, it must venture forth, be exposed and tested...

Progression / WorkSmartPlayhard / Seek to learn all that you can today, to apply it tomorrow.
Creat the results you want tomorrow, by using today.

Birthright, Duty, Obligation, you and others know pain, suffering, ignorance, deffeciency, and irrationality as well as the ravages of age... Why pursue wisdon?  To learn and apply, but most of all, to pass on...

Legacy -- that which is handed down either from person to person or family to family, generation to generation or civilization to civilization....

Stick to your dream, for whatever shred
of happiness
it may give...

maybe the energy of the Universe,
is Integral,
rather that sustaining,
or maybe both...

Be cool
show respect
communicate / respond
work together
learn apply
use scientific method
use all of your tools
be flexible
stay focused
be clear
seek understanding

Now that I'm Here What Do I Do...
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