Real Wealth : The Investor Mentality
Now that I'm here...
The creation of Financial Wealth...

Real Wealth is created by creating a situation where wealth can prosper.  It is a mindset that separates the wealthy from us.  The wealthy are that way because they work to create and maintain that situation... and what is the main factor that separates them from us?

Key Factor: read the following twice...

   The other factor : the wealthy have something to sell.  ( Did you read it twice?)
   The other factor : they sell something the market wants or needs.
   The other factor : they make a profit

    So -- where does that leave the rest of us? We either have something to sell or provide
    to the market place or... we work for someone who does. 
     (Think about it!!!)

That factor makes them different.  That situation, allows them to collect and then manage assets, instead of working at a normal job.  They look for a need in a situation, and work to collect, develop or create assets in order to address that need and sell more of what they have to offer to the market place.

They identify a need...
They collect, create or develop assets to produce a product or service to address that need and then 'work' to set up a system to address that need... 

If they are succesful, they then do the following...


part 1:

1.) Figure out what situation would make that possible.
2.) Figure out the price.
3.) Pay the price - work to create the situation
4.) Monitor and Maintain the goal.
5.) Work to maintain that situation.
6.) Work to improve that situation.

part 2:

1.) Define what wealth means to you.
2.) Identify your personal assets and skills.  If you don't have a product or
         service of your own, then know what you have that is valuable that you can
         offer to someone who does. ( see )
3.) Identify the type of assets you think you can manage.
4.) Get experience with those assets, including, the management
         of people.
5.) Put yourself in a situation where you not only manage those
    assets, but also own the physical assets involved.
6.) Manage them for a profit.

part 3:

1.) The bank wants you to win.
2.) If you don't have money, but have asset management skill,
    then you can probably win the profit game.
3.) If you can win the profit game, the bank is more likely to loan
you the money you need, if the investment fits the principles
above, in part one and part two.
4.) If you win, you can pay the bank back. Then, you can own the
assets outright. 
5.) The time is takes you to pay back the loan, and get to where
you own the assets, is the challenge.
    6.) The price of assets change. The value changes based on other
         factors so... you study the value of an asset in order to predict
         its value and price.

part 4:

1.) It is about profit - that is the capitalistic system.
2.) It is also about providing a quality product or service, marketed
and promoted, with integrity, balance, and a fair price.
3.) Though it can be played as a game, it is also a process.
4.) The more you understand the process, the faster you hit the goal.

part 5:

1.) We all make choices in life -- to be self indulgent or to be investors.
2.) The key is to balance out the above -- to work to gain assets, and to enjoy
    life.  That is the challenge.  To avoid becoming cold and calculating and not
    to lose compassion and caring.

(Note: your real currency is the goods or services you produce to sell. )


It's early morning and as I rise,  my thoughts are on what I should really be doing...

with my knowledge of the Divine Spark and Divine Power, creativity and imagination, and any  inherent

ability to harness these characteristics, in the real world.

Should I be doing something incredibly creative and personal and selfish? 

Should I be creating a situation that brings me wealth and prosperity?

Should I be doing both and helping all those around me do the same?

I sip my coffee and continue to ponder... late for my given daily appointments... 

And in the time that I steal from myself, what I find as the answer... is a challenge...  to take that knowledge, that skill and that experience, to take what we have been blessed with,  and take what we have been given, and the God given powers we have,  and turn life, as much as possible, from what it is, into what we want it to be....

And I am again reminded, that time is not only precious, but Time is Life, and part of our journey and part of our challenge, is to learn to Use It Wisely...

Now where is that second cup of coffee..... 


Investment legend John Templeton once wrote,

"A successful life depends less on how long you live than on how much you can pack into the time you have. If you can find a way to make every day an adventure - even if it's only a matter of walking down an unfamiliar street or ordering an untried cut of meat - you will find that your life becomes more productive, richer, and more interesting. You also become more interesting to others."

Let it flow...
mmhall / 2008

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