A Smart Man
Intelligence can be defined as ...

         * The ability to perceive correctly
         * The ability to analyze and comprehend quickly
         * The ability to remember or note that which is important
         * The ability to judge correctly and draw an accurate conclusion
         * The ability to act effectively
The Difference Between First Class and Coach is Results...
You don't have to be brilliant to succeed, you just have to be smarter than the average bear...
* A smart man

*  makes the best of life and the time he has on this planet
*  values his own time and the time of others
*  knows what he wants to accomplish
*  gets a good understanding of life and then builds a foundation to live from
*  knows the value of ground rules
*  works with other people to accomplish individual and common goals
*  knows how to communicate effectively
*  seeks to improve himself and his situation 
*  does what he can do, every day and recognizes what he cannot do so he doesn't waste time
*  works efficiently
*  reviews and constantly applies what he learns from the day before
*  constantly raises his level of awareness
*  is not afraid to ask questions 
*  seeks understanding, when confused or angry -- at least as a first step
*  knows how to creatively adjust
*  knows how to size up a situation, an ojbective, a task, data or in some cases, people
*  takes people one at a time, judging them individually and not as a group
*  finds the easiest and most effective way to complete a task and still deliver superior results
*  knows what systems are and how to put them to use
*  knows how to get things done
*  identifies his tools and uses them
*  has an agenda
*  knows what a business plan is and uses it
*  knows what capitalism is and how its used
*  knows what the profit motive is and how to use it for maximum effeciency
*  knows the value of maintenance in all areas of his life
*  knows how to use information
*  identifies problems, its attributes and parameters and has a ' let's fix it '  attitude
*  finishes what he starts, as long as it is worthwhile
*  learns from adversity while working his way through it
*  changes his life by changing his daily routine
*  incorporates something he likes to do, everyday in his daily routine
*  realizes the value of health
*  knows when to slow down
*  knows how to teach / analyze / explain
*  knows how to use the worst case scenario
*  works for results -- as soon as possible -- a monday morning attitude
*  realizes and identifies his insecurities, strengths, weakenesses and his dreams
*  realizes the value of wealth and keeps it in perspective
*  realizes the value of knowledge and knows how to apply it
*  realizes the value of a sense of adventure and a sense of humor
*  works for the best and is prepared for the worst
*  knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it
*  knows his goals sets them and achieves them
*  knows what the next step is and focuses his energy on that until it is achieved
*  is resourceful
*  is a self learner and knows how to learn on his own
*  is innovative
*  knows how to invest
*  is aware of risk, can identify and manage it
*  believes in ideals
*  is a visionary
*  knows the difference between self indulgence annd investment
*  works for a dream, not a paycheck
*  asks for advice
*  constantly seeks to improve himself, his situation and the situation of his friends and family
*  takes the initiative
*  knows the value of health, wealth, wisdon and joy and the value of keeping these all in balance
*  knows how to use health, intelligence and courage
*  knows the value of and practices good judgement
*  can project and predict and works to improve this skill
*  knows the value of being right
*  knows the value of communication and cooperation
*  knows the value of the inner circle
*  sets and adjusts priorities
*  knows how to adjust creatively
*  knows how to set up a successful and flexible routine
*  is creative
*  is not afraid to promote his concepts, ideas and suggestions, and get credit for it
*  knows his strengths
*  knows his weaknesses
*  knows how to negotiate
*  finds out and uses what works in a fair, honorable and honest manner
*  knows the value of coaching which includes acknowledgement, encouragement, guidance,
   support, patience and communication.
*  seeks and increases understanding where needed and in turn, increases intelligence...

-- takes a moment everyday and is amazed at the wonder of life

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