What we don't realize
  is that we have the capability to do great things.

What is occurring is that we are so busy trying to be what we are not, that we sabotage that capability.

  We are distracted.
  We are disrupted by interference from other people.
  We are confused.
  We are scared.
  We are hit by calamity and setbacks and accidents or misfortune.
  We trust what other people say instead of finding out on our own, what is true.
  We try to impress other people.
  We try to live up to other people's expectations instead of our own.
  We work for other people rather than for ourselves, and our dreams.   
  We expect other people to be responsible for our lives and the results in our lives.

How do we get it back?

Start by being totally responsible for yourself and your actions.
Be who and what you are and not what anyone else wants you to be.
And don't let anyone take that away from you. 

        Be Prepared for the Worst and Work for a Dream for one puts you on Earth and the
        other puts you at the pinnacle of the Universe.

Our Motto:

    the Freedom to act
    Creativity to combine our resources
    Enterprise using freedom and creativity to live a good life, contribute and produce
       something of value
    Courage to face life...
    Quality committing to quality over quanitity...
    Committment to realizing and reaching for our dreams...

-- recommended reading

    - Robert Ringer -- Looking Out for Number One
    - Harry Browne -- How I Found Freedom in an UnFree World

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