Life is a Journey
The end is important,
but it is the journey that provides the ups and downs, the frustrations and the successes.
To do only what you have to do is existing,
doing all those things that you don't have to do,
is living.
Life is a journey through consciousness...
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I believe that Life is a Journey through
Conciousness.  Before that is a mystery, and what happens to us after this life, is also a mystery, at least that is what I see.

Based on this, we have special abilities that we take with us on this journey, that make us different from other life forms on this planet, like awareness, imagination, a certain amount of freewill, being able to think and feel and express and be creative.

It is our God given right to develop our potential, and live the best lives that we can and where possible, experience some real joy and wonder in and about life.